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A Warning Voice to Wake Up America: Class envy is a political tool used by Mr. Obama in his agenda to fundamentally transform the United States of America. He is America's Robinhood as he continues to play community organizer, but this time on a national scale. And he is using Occupy WallStreet to further his cause.

Class Envy: The Evolution of Occupy WallStreet

The convenient announcement of the Congressional Budget Office stating that the famous "1 percent" had an increase of 275 percent in income compared to 18 percent for the poorest Americans has added fuel to Occupy WallStreet's fire. A fire that Mr. Obama is using to spread class war, with its envy of the rich, to you and me the American public. Mr. Obama is playing a most dangerous political game indeed.

Out of nowhere, the Occupy WallStreet has spontaneously appeared on the media stage with their message of anti-capitalism. But according to Aaron Klein of World Net Daily, in his article entitled "Proof! Wall Street protest no spontaneous uprising", Occupy WallStreet is an orchestrated protest. Klein claims that the Fenton Communications is behind the public relations strategy of the Occupy WallStreet movement.

Moveon.org also seems to have their fingers in the pie. Now we are told that Acorn is somewhere in the mix. So perhaps, Occupy WallStreet is not so spontaneous as we are led to believe.

From viewing some of the YouTube videos, I am of the opinion that the Occupy WallStreet protesters are quite the motley crew. Most of the group seen to be of the younger generation although the older generatioon is represented. Many of them are either college dropouts or unemployed. Even the homeless are entering the fray. One report indicated that some people are even being hired to protest there in Zuccotti Park.

The protesters seem to lack any standards judging from the language used in some of the YouTube videos viewed. The YouTube video on this page has been screened for bad language and does not contain any such language. The following article by the Daily Caller demonstrates their way of life, it is entitled "Sexual assaults continue to plague 'Occupy WallStreet' protests" The following is a quote from that article:

Picking up from the above phrase "a general disregard for the rule of law" tells a lot about the protesters. It seems to indicate they represent something near a leaderless mob environment. And that is the image they want to project. But that is not totally the case. Although they give that appearence, and do seem unruly, the Daily Caller speaks of "Occupy" organizers, and it is these individuals who are actually being directed and funded by an elite group of men/women sitting back in the shadows controlling the movement with puppet strings.

To continue, the stench of Marxism seems to pervade the whole emcampment. Check out the Peoples Library and their anti-capitalist chants on the video. As mentioned above, this is not a spontaneous uprising by any stretch of the imagination. Occupy WallStreet is being sponsored and directed by an elite group of liberals who want to gain power. They are not only seeking a fundamental change in America as Mr. Obama suggested, they are demanding revolution. Down with captitalism. To quote from occupywallst.org:

The occupywallst.org quote above contains a link on the words "general assembly" that references an article called "What is a People's Assembly?" The following is a quoted from that article:

This "People's Assembly/general assembly" sounds very similar to Russia's Soviet (council) system. The Soviet system of councils formed the base on which Lenin built his power in the Soviet Union. After the February revolution several soviet groups were formed. One of the more prominent was called the Petrograd Soviet. The Petrograd Soviet competed for legitimacy with the Provisional Government until the October Revolution at which time Lenin took power. He used the peasants as pawns to gain ultimate power. These original soviets literally started out as councils in the same way occupywallst.org is suggesting with their "general assembly". There is a distinct parallel here. These "Occupy" organizers want to form a "general assembly" (Soviets) to form centers of power just as in Lenin did in his time. Same story, just a different time.

In Summary, there's a powerful elite group who want to break down the capitalist system in America. Most Americans can't swallow socialism, but Roosevelt's New Deal is something they can live with. So the elite's plan is to return to the New Deal. Then move on to Socialism which will evolve into Communism. The result, complete power. And they are using these Occupy WallStreet protesters as pawns, just as Lenin did, to gain their goal of total power. And you and I will be the losers if we don't put a stop to this charade by not being taken in by class envy.

Occupy WallStreet was made possible because of the spread of class envy in America via the mainstream media (MSM). Remember, Occupy WallStreet is simply a pawn in the hands of a more powerful elite group. Without a doubt, Mr. Obama and his liberal friends are envolved, but I suggest that some higher power such as George Soros and his Open Society Foundation are in the mix as well. And their agenda is to bring down this country, and destroy all of the principals that the Founding Fathers faught for to give us our freedom.

If you like this website, please pass the word on to your friends and neighbors about awarningvoice.com. Only through your help can we Wake Up America to our blessed heritage. America is a very special nation that has been blessed by the Lord. But freedom comes with a price. "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." -- Thomas Jefferson

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